5G networks are the next generation of cellular networks that are being developed and deployed worldwide. These newer networks will bring more benefits than just being a faster iteration of 4G. Their wide usability in business will transform the working landscape for many people across the globe.

The tech has the potential to bring about higher productivity, higher job satisfaction, and a far lower risk profile for a variety of occupations. As 5G becomes more accessible it will continue to affect more jobs and works.

Wuhan doctor monitoring patients remotely [Source: Huawei]

At the present, there are already more than 100 commercial 5G networks worldwide and more than 400 5G devices available on the market. China is at the forefront of the evolution with 700,000 5G base stations deployed in 300 cities and more than 180 million devices connected in less than a year.

5G has already proven its value in the healthcare field. As COVID-19 hit it put tremendous strain on healthcare systems. The World Health Organization reported by July 2020 that 1.4M frontline healthcare workers had been infected. With 5G remote diagnosis, ultrasound, and controlled robots all become viable technologies to reduce in-person contact. The network’s capability to stream high-fidelity video even led it to be used as a way to monitor and implement proper PPE protocols.

The new networks are also proving to be crucial in other sectors such as those with hazardous and unpleasant working environments. This is particularly the case when high data speeds are required and physical network cables are not feasible. Port and mining operations can utilize the tech to implement unmanned and remote-controlled solutions to reduce fatalities and inefficiencies. 

In Ningbo’s port, six cranes are already being operated remotely with increased efficiency of 20%. Operating costs are also decreased as a single engineer can operate multiple units.

5G technologies are seeing broad adoption in many other industries to help companies pave the way to zero-injury, zero-fatality, high efficiency and high productivity work environments.

This news bite was adapted from an article originally written for WE Forum.

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