Valo Health is a technology company developing a drug discovery platform powered by artificial intelligence and large patient databases. Its aim is to transform the discovery and development process to accelerate the creation of new medicine. 

The company has raised $190 million in Series B financing bringing the total raised to date to $285 million. The news is accompanied by their announcement of working on select therapeutic programs. 

With over 125-million patient-years of data, and combining it with machine learning, Valo is creating a new approach to R&D across the entire development lifecycle. The approach has already shown rapid results in several key preclinical programs. However, none of the therapies are ready for clinical trials yet. The company only began developing potential molecules in the last year.

The three main areas for the new therapies are: cancer, cardiovascular health and neurodegeneration. The focus of four new therapeutic targets announced are cancers.

The drug discovery platform aims to predict both major factors in the development of new drugs. Namely, the molecules that can be used as drugs against new diseases, and how those drugs might affect patients’ bodies.

The raised funds will support the development of the company’s therapeutic programs as well as its Opal Computational Platform.

This new bite was adapted from an article originally written for PR Newswire.

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