Key Skills You NEED to Become a Data Scientist

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"Data science” has become a hot term all throughout the tech industry. If a company has data to be scienced you can be sure they’ll call on their elite team of individuals to perform their computer voodoo magic to process the data and use their skills to provide value to the business. But what exactly does that entail? If you wanted to join this elite team of data scientists, what skills should you train for? Saying you want to become is data scientist is about as specific as saying you want to be a consultant. Different companies [...]

Data science professionals panel event recap

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The pandemic has no doubt had some tremendous effects on the economies and job markets across all fields around the world. Now with working vaccines being rolled out worldwide and a hopeful return to more normal times, many are left with questions about the transformations of the industries and the future job market outlook.   In this month’s Lantern Roundtable series, we were joined by two senior professionals working in the data industry. Our first panel member was Tanaby Mofrad, a Director of Data Science at Tangerine Bank with a solid background in AI. Tanaby has worked [...]

Best Python libraries of 2020 to start using

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Python is a highly-praised and commonly utilized programming language across industries, academia, and the enthusiast scene. This is in big part due to the vast open-source community that continues to make top-notch and freely available libraries. For this article, we’ve presenting a compilation of some of the best Python libraries that have been released or gained popularity in the past year. 2020 PYTHON LIBRARIES Diagrams Dear PyGui HiPlot Hummingbird PyCaret PyTorch Lightning Rich Stanza Typer Diagrams Whether you’re a developer or data scientist, proper project documentation and reporting is [...]

Top artificial intelligence research papers of 2020

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With 2020 in the rear-view mirror it’s a good time to reflect on what’s happened during the year. More particularly for us, how the data science and artificial intelligence fields have developed.  Despite the challenges that faced the world in 2020, tech and software have continued to thrive. Lots of amazing research was released in the field of artificial intelligence., a popular open-archive repository, received roughly 600 uploads of machine learning research papers. That should give you some idea of the scope of how much research is happening. The research that generates the biggest buzz typically [...]

Data science’s maturing role in the finance industry

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Machine learning has become a core component of the finance industry. The landscape is rapidly changing with the increased adoption of artificial intelligence.  In recent years, the growing field of data science and AI has already started grasping in finance. Commonly used in tasks such as risk management, predictive analysis, fraud detection, and consumer analysis. That trend is showing no signs of stopping, with a 260% increase in data science teams in financial services since 2018.  This comes from the results of a report from Refinitiv which was conducted surrounding the industry. The 2020 report shows how [...]

Data science career without a STEM background?

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TOPICS COVERED WHAT BACKGROUNDS ARE COMMON IN DATA SCIENCE? IS AN ADVANCED DEGREE IN STEM REQUIRED? HOW TO PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS Questions we get often at Lantern Institute from prospective students are about the requirements for becoming a data scientist. More particularly, students from less technical and non-STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) backgrounds are concerned how it will affect their pursuit of a career in the field of data science. At first glance, a prospective student’s concern is quite reasonable. As expansive and continuously growing as the data science field is, it’s also [...]

What sort of career is right for me?

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SHOULD I PURSUE A CAREER FOCUSING ON ANALYSIS OR DEVELOPMENT? Making big decisions and investments is never easy, especially when it comes to choosing a career direction. At Lantern we commonly come across prospective students and professionals who are unsure of their choice. They are interested in employment in tech but don’t know which position or field they should pursue. This is quite an understandable dilemma. Especially given the rise in popularity of data science careers in recent years and the wide range of jobs included in the field. For this post, we’ll take [...]

Training in Data Science: What’s the best option?

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The tech industry is continuously increasing and companies are collecting more consumer data than ever. As a result the fields of data science and analytics are rapidly growing to meet the pressing demand. There doesn’t seem to be a bad time to get training and transition to those fields,. Join the ranks of industry professionals doing what they love. If you’re looking to get started with a career in tech you’ll soon find yourself at crossroads. How you should gain the necessary skills and competencies to qualify for roles as a data scientist? Just as the fields themselves [...]

How to Track Your Career Progress

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“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” is a question that comes by commonly during job interviews and for good reason. Employers typically ask this type of question to gain some insight into what your career plans are and how the job fits into those plans. The question seems simple enough but rarely have people taken the time to actually plan their current career path and considered how the position will help them reach their goals. With the number of distractions and busy-work in our daily lives, we often forget to set meaningful goals and track our [...]

The Benefits of Having a Mentor

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  Do I need a mentor? If you’re at a point in your career, whether you’re advancing in your field or pivoting to new positions, and you ask yourself this question then the answer is most definitely “Yes”. In the next 5 minutes, I will try to show you why that is, and then I will show you how you can start your mentorship journey which starts with finding a good mentor. Why you should always have a mentor: 1. Experience is the best teacher: If your initial reaction to the question was “No”, odds are you haven’t given [...]

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