We’ve made improvements to our Data Science Program!

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One of Lantern Institute’s cornerstone philosophies is continuous improvement to not only stay aligned with industry needs, but to also improve the learning experience for our students. Our Mathematical Finance and Data Science Program now offers three different streams for students to specialize in: Data Analytics Mathematical Finance Data Science How is the Program Structured Now? Students take two fundamental courses, Python Programming and Statistics with R. Then, based on in-class performance, career goals, and our expert instructors’ recommendations, students are filtered into one of the three streams. Students then spend three months diving into advanced topics like machine learning and big data for the Data Science Stream. Mathematical Finance and Data Science Program Specialization Checkpoints are large assessments that help our students, instructors and management team determine which stream the student is best suited for. Benefits for Students 1. More time spent on advanced topics This leads to: a better understanding of topics a deeper dive into core concepts 2. [...]

WISE National Conference 2019

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WISE Conference Opening Remarks This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the 2019 WISE National Conference. WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) is an incredible initiative to bring women into STEM fields and connect women working within the industry to students. This initiative resonates deeply with Lantern Institute because of the under representation of women in Data Science; It's an issue Lantern hopes to help resolve through supporting women in training, mentorship, and job hunting. WISE Conference Buffet Lunch Alice networking with STEM students Not only was the Women in STEM conference chalk-full of impressive speakers and panellists, the students had access to pitch and design competitions and a career fair. At the two-day conference, we manned a booth throughout the career fair. We were able to meet some incredibly bright students. To hear their experiences and passion to make a [...]

Workshop: Perks of Being a Data Scientist

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Our Python Instructor chatting with the crowd Last week Lantern Institute collaborated with the University of Toronto to hold a complimentary data science workshop for science, technology, engineering, and math students: The Perks of Being a Data Scientist: Practical Data Tools for STEM Students. University of Toronto Workshop Attendees Students engaging with our Instructors Twenty four bright and eager University of Toronto students took time out of their hectic midterm schedules to learn from two of our amazing instructors. From our Python Instructor, they learned about the kind of work a data professional does, the tools they use everyday, and how to practice using these tools currently. Our Python Instructor pondering an insightful question Our Machine Learning Instructor discussing natural language processing From our Machine Learning Instructor, students learned popular machine learning applications, how they are [...]