Are classes offered online?2020-05-27T10:19:03-04:00

Lantern offers live online classes where students are able to virtually interact with their instructors, mentors, and peers. We offer a hybrid approach where we do a blend of live online and in-person meetings, to help our students network with our instructors

How big are class sizes?2019-06-07T14:54:38-04:00

During fundamental courses, your class sizes will average 25 people. As you move to advanced topics and specialize in a stream, class sizes are generally reduced to 5-10 people.

If I join a program, how often will I have class?2019-06-07T14:57:14-04:00

On average, you will have 3 classes a week. Classes are held in the evenings, generally between 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. We do our best to run classes on Monday – Thursday, but you may have the odd Friday or weekend class.

I don’t have a STEM background, is that okay?2019-06-07T14:56:59-04:00

You do not need a STEM background to join our programs. However, please see our applicant expectations below:

Mathematical Finance and Data Science Program

We expect students to have, at a minimum, a bachelors degree, a beginner knowledge of a programming language, and to have successfully completed a university-level math course.

Software Development Program

Students must pass Lantern’s initial assessment that focuses on algorithmic thinking, flowcharts, and algebra.

Please contact our admissions team to help determine if you could be a fit for our programs.

What requirements does my laptop need?2019-06-07T14:58:30-04:00

There are no special requirements for laptop specifications. Any work done with large data sets utilizes the cloud to remove the need for a powerful laptop.

How can I prepare for the program?2019-06-07T14:57:53-04:00

Please send us an email (contact@lanterninstitute.ca) so that we can send you our recommended preparatory material.


How will Lantern Institute help me find a job?2020-05-27T10:15:37-04:00

Our instructors are senior professionals who are actively working in the industry. They tailor course content to the needs of the industry so you can ensure you are learning in-demand skills. These senior professionals also utilize their vast professional networks to help our students find and prepare for job openings that align with each student’s unique skill set.

In addition to our instructors, we work with industry-focused recruiting companies, hold networking events, and have created a designated career development course which includes soft skills training including resume workshops and interview preparation.

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