Financial Aid is built into our tuition structure.

Ask about our Confidence Credit Plan.


Confidence Credit Plan

Under the Confidence Credit Plan, students do not pay the full tuition fee until after securing employment. Applicants are automatically considered for the plan when they apply to our programs.

We are confident that you will secure employment after earning your program certificate and by delaying tuition payments, you can be confident that you will only pay when your decision to take the program pays off.


Lantern Tuition Remission Program

To ease the financial burden placed on students, Lantern Institute has created the Lantern Tuition Remission Program. This program provides a discount on tuition based on the salary students earn*.

*Please note that students are not obligated or asked to share their salaries with Lantern Institute, however, this is required in order to qualify for the above discount.

Lantern Referral Program

Help us grow our Lantern Family. For every acquaintance, colleague, friend, or family member that you refer to Lantern, you will receive $100 as a thank you from us.

In order to receive your payment, the person you refer needs to:

  1. Mention your name in their application
  2. Be accepted into our program
  3. Stay in the program for a minimum of 10 days