With COVID-19 being the main point of focus for 2020 and many countries ramping up to or already reaching the second wave of increased cases, it’s a natural question to ask what lasting effects this year will have on business and education.

A recent survey conducted by Ipsos asked more than 27,500 adults, across 29 countries, how they expect higher education to be delivered five years from now.

Online vs. in-person education

Future education survey results

Ipsos survey result for the question “In five years from now, how do you think higher education will be conducted in [COUNTRY]”.

72% of adults globally said that higher education in their country will be conducted at least as much online as in person. Roughly one in four (23%) of those surveyed believe higher education will be conducted entirely or mostly online, while half (49%) believe it will be split between online and in-person.

The pandemic forced schools and universities to close earlier this year and adopt learning strategies that mixed in-person and online teaching for the many student’s fall terms. Over 1.4 billion learners globally have been affected by the changes.

Global map of school closures

Screenshot of UNESCO’s timeline map of global school closures throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are in-person costs worth it?

The Ipsos survey also asked adults about their opinions on the costs of in-person higher education in their country. Across the 29 countries, an average of 53% agreed that it’s worth the cost while up to 36% disagreed. Respondents with a university degree were among those more inclined to agree to the worth of in-person education costs.

Like many learning institutions since the start of the pandemic, Lantern has moved its programs online. The pandemic may have forced the development and adoption of new online platforms but the changes are likely to stay longer after the pandemic is over. The more autonomous nature increases the accessibility for a wider range of students and can better cater to each students’ level based on their backgrounds. It will also be more resilient of future economic events.

You can download the full Ipsos report here.

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