One of Lantern Institute’s cornerstone philosophies is continuous improvement to not only stay aligned with industry needs, but to also improve the learning experience for our students.

Our Mathematical Finance and Data Science Program now offers three different streams for students to specialize in:

  • Data Analytics
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Data Science

How is the Program Structured Now?

Students take two fundamental courses, Python Programming and Statistics with R. Then, based on in-class performance, career goals, and our expert instructors’ recommendations, students are filtered into one of the three streams. Students then spend three months diving into advanced topics like machine learning and big data for the Data Science Stream.

Mathematical Finance and Data Science Program Specialization
Checkpoints are large assessments that help our students, instructors and management team determine which stream the student is best suited for.

Benefits for Students

1. More time spent on advanced topics

This leads to:

  • a better understanding of topics
  • a deeper dive into core concepts

2. Focus on topics that best align with your unique skillset

  • Our students have a variety of backgrounds from  finance to  theoretical physics, giving every student a unique skillset with different advantages. By focusing on one specialization that aligns with your background, you will have a more enjoyable and enriched learning experience.

3. Targeted professional network

  • When networking to secure employment, it’s better to have a small, targeted network than a large, but unrelated one. By matching your skill set to a stream you are also aligning yourself with similar-minded instructors who have relevant professional networks. This means you are more likely to be connected with the right people to help you launch your career!


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