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LAMP is designed to be a long-term mentorship program where students receive close guidance from a mentor to aid in their development and growth in the subjects of software development.

We are happy to offer an online live interactive 3 level program that helps turn your child dive right into the world of programming.  Each class we go over specific key topics, exercises, and challenges that assist children to cover the distance from a beginner to an expert. This multi-tier program will give your children an opportunity to help them set foot into the world of STEM, by helping them get hands-on training with programming.

Our program is created and facilitated by an industry expert further giving your child a deeper insight into the professional world of STEM. We dedicate our program will lead over to ensuring that your child gets the quality education and experience they need to start off their trek in the world of programming! By the end of the program, your child will be capable of utilizing their programming skills for projects both recreationally and academically! Our instructor will be there every step of the way to ensure that no child gets left behind!

The multistage design of LAMP will allow students to participate in a modular form and gives them a showcase piece after each milestone (see the “How will the program be taught?” section for more details).

Other courses typically only run for a week or two and only teach the basic principles, whereas LAMP will give students the complete picture and provide them with the tools they need to continue learning well after they complete the program.

The program is designated for a wide range of high school students (Gr. 9 – 1 2) with interests in computer-driven careers and hobbies. Some level of computer literacy is expected (familiarity with computers) but no prior programming knowledge is required to participate.

Access to a personal computer and reliable internet connection will be required.

An array of key skills and knowledge will be covered, both about the specific project and about general software development. Important topics covered include:

  • The development lifecycle
  • Modeling languages & system design
  • Programming concepts & practices
  • Principles of good design
  • Project management & version control
  • Leveraging freely available resources
  • Applying textbook math & stats to real projects and problems

The project will have students create their own graphics editor program, similar to the classic MS Paint. See the image below for an example (exact projects may vary based on students ‘ design choices)

The full program is split into several month-long stages, each with its own project milestone that students will achieve. Each stage will consist of 8 mentoring sessions that will be 2 hours long.

The mentoring sessions will guide the students through difficult concepts and provide them with resources to review and weekly tasks to complete.

The multistage model is intended to allow students to participate on a stage-by-stage basis giving them, and parents, more freedom and flexibility.

Each stage will see students reach a milestone in the mentorship and provide them with a completed part of the project to showcase their progress.

This program will be delivered online via Zoom & Thinkific.

Level 1: January 18th, 2021

Level 2: February 15th, 2021

Level 3: March 16th, 2021

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Ready to Get Your Child’s Technical Journey Started?


Programming with Python

Programming with Python

We will go over the basic and intermediate topics of programming and how they apply in Python; from “what is a program” to object-oriented programming and basic GUIs.

By the end of this phase, you will be tasked with completing a small standalone program (mini-project) that demonstrates your working knowledge of the topics.

The choice of mini-project is up to you; card-based games are a recommended starting point for their scalable complexity and features.


Project Management & Software Design

Project Management & Software Design

We will cover techniques and tools for effectively managing projects, and how to plan projects to ensure time is used effectively, features are implemented correctly, and deadlines are met.

Through this phase, you will apply the subjects to the planning of the mentorship project for realistic practice of the topics and to ensure you’re on track for completing the project in phase 3 of the mentorship.


Completing The Project

Completing The Project

We will work towards completing the project, covering more specialized programming topics as we progress. Students are encouraged to suggest extra topics they are interested in learning and they may be included if time permits.

At the end of this phase, and the mentorship, you will have a fully completed project plan and working software that you can utilize and showcase in a portfolio.

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