Microsoft has announced a new cloud-based tool as part of its Azure cloud platform. The new tool is called Azure Purview and it’s already being utilized by a handful of customers.

Demo screenshot of Azure Purview

A demonstrative screenshot of Microsoft’s new Azure Purview showing a mapping of data sources across North America and Europe.

The service is intended for corporate customers to discover data that’s scattered throughout their operations. Particularly, for large companies with massive stores of data distributed across many countries.

The tool will help companies to understand what information they have where, and it will allow them to gain fast insights concerning data privacy regulations. It’s designed to help companies ensure that they comply with various rules such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Purview helps map data and uses artificial intelligence to detect regulated data and automatically handle it as necessary. For example, certain data on European customers may be restricted to within the EU and would be redacted from sales reports accessed by general US employees.

A public preview of Azure Purview is already available to try out. The service is expected to become generally available soon.

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