Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more widely used in predictive policing, medical diagnoses, and targeted advertising around the world. This brings the dangers of its abuse by authorities for discriminatory surveillance and more. And additionally, worry about people’s rights and data privacy.

The EU Agency For Fundamental Rights (FRA) released a report on the subject of AI and fundamental rights. The report comes amidst ongoing EU legislative and policy developments on the subject. And the global pandemic which has increased the adoption of AI in many respects.

In the report, the FRA advised policymakers to provide more guidance on how existing laws apply to Artificial Intelligence and ensure that future laws protect these rights.

The rules must have safeguards to guarantee that people can challenge decisions made by AI. Furthermore, companies need to be able to explain how their AI systems make the decisions.

The report is based on over 100 interviews with public administration officials, private company staff, and experts working in the AI field. The countries who were included in the study are Estonia, Finland, France, Netherlands, and Spain.

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