Many impressive individuals came out yesterday evening to learn more about our Mathematical Finance and Data Science Program. Their response in one word: “Amazed”.

The attendees’ jaws dropped at Lantern’s tuition structure: Students don’t pay tuition unless our program helps them find a job. Dr. Montazeri, Lantern’s Program Director, repeated our innovative payment structure multiple times because the attendees simply could not believe they would pay tuition after they have secured a job.

July 24th Info Session

Another WOW moment occurred when Dr. Montazeri explained that our courses are designed and taught by professionals working in the data science and finance industry on Bay Street, allowing Lantern to teach only the skills needed in the industry. The room lit up when Dr. Montazeri stated: “If we wake up tomorrow and Bay Street is no longer using Excel, then we don’t teach Excel anymore”. Attendees were enthused by our reactive and fluid curriculum.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the individuals who attended the July 24th session. For those of you who missed it, don’t worry. We will be hosting another information session in a couple weeks so you can be amazed for yourself.



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